Yoga & Meditation
A restorative, breath-centered yoga practice suitable for both beginner and advanced levels.

Based on the principles of Hatha and Kundalini Yoga, the class offers series of Vinyasa flow and kriya movements to allow the body fully benefit from the asana poses.

Customized movements and alternatives are offered to provide a safe and practical environment, emphasizing flexibility, toning and balancing.

We begin our restorative practice with a 5-10 min meditation to quiet and relax our mind and body and proceed to practice yoga movements accompanied by breathing.

Mini neck massage and aromatherapy lavender eye pillows are given for the final relaxation pose to eliminate tension.

Private classes offer a focused approach, individual attention and careful work on problem areas.

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Utilizing ancient techniques of practices of India and Tibet in conjunction with New Age energy healing, we are able to find our inner core and connect with the innate wisdom of who we are. From this knowledge, we are able to transform ourselves and the environment around to flourish and enjoy the world inside and out.

Applying the Pranayama techniques of breathing exercises to clear out the energy channels, remove karmic traces and replenish our body.

Using guided meditation to purify, open and recharge our multidimensional being.

Grounding the emotional and physical states by applying Yoga Asana exercises, to create a stable ground for self-exploration.

Experience the many hidden treasures of Yoga and Meditation practice!