Yoga & Meditation
Program Schedule

Day 1

Morning Session:

Introduction to Meditation- foundation of focus, centeredness and relaxation.
Yoga intro, anatomy, body mechanics, stretching and toning exercises.
Basics of Hatha, Kundalini and Tibetan Yoga practices.

Afternoon Session:

Communication, business and personal- body language, touch, listen, hear. Explore 5 senses.
Develop daily regimen.

Assignment: meditation practice, develop a daily schedule.

Day 2

Morning Session:

“Inspire” - Breathing exercises, Pranayama. Meditation practice on intuitive and creative aspects.

Afternoon Session:

Business, management, finance - plan/ prepare, implement, sustain.

Assignment: prepare for public speaking/ stage presence.

Day 3

Morning Session:

Meditation practice on establishing a connection with yourself and others.
Sound healing.

Afternoon Session:

Life balance, public speaking, stage presence, audience interaction.
Presentation skills: body, speech, mind. Body language, spoken language. Communicating with intention – openness. Develop a presentation.

Assignment: prep presentation.

Day 4

Morning Session:

Meditation practice on expanding creative potential.
Review of all covered material.

Afternoon Session:

Individual presentations 10 min per person - intro, bio, present, conclude (thank and promote).
restorative, breath-centered yoga practice suitable for both beginner and advanced levels.

- Yoga set - a set of Asanas designed to relax and tone muscle groups engaged during practice and performance. Basics of Hatha, Kundalini and Tibetan Yogas.
- Meditation practice and guidance to improve focus, clarity and explore the creative depth.
- Sound healing - utilizing mantra to connect with universal sound.
- “Inspire”- Breathing exercises focused on developing lung capacity and correct breathing patterns through the use of Pranayama techniques.
- Develop Intuition; Explore 5 senses of perception.
- Life balance techniques to assist with managing demanding life styles (daily regimen, nutrition, energy balance).
- Relationship building- professional and personal.
- Public speaking skills, confidence building exercises.
- Coaching on stage presence, audience interaction and communication skills building.
- Business, management and financial guidance and assistance with specific tools to a balanced and enriched career and personal life.

Small group setting, team support and exchange, in class practice, assignments and concluding presentations.
All teaching materials included.
4 Days intensive practice -
Special discounts available (Students, Seniors, Unemployed).

Create and Meditate program designed, developed and taught by Evelina Lotte.
Applying 20 years of experience in Yoga, Meditation, Business Management and Finance, Project Management, Coaching and Creative Writing, this program provides tools and techniques to develop, strengthen and balance all aspects of life of an artist.
Customized program to explore, enhance and deepen creative potential. Program suitable for performing artists, creatively inclined individuals and all interested in exploring. - Applying Ayurveda and Yogic principlesKnowledge applicable in performance related aspects as well as daily situations.