Yoga & Meditation
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• Daily Yoga and Meditation practice

• Daily social dance classes - Latin, Tango and Peruvian Folk dances

• Hotel and B&B Accommodations

• Typical Local Meals

• Private Transportation and Private Local Guide

• Visits to Inca Sacred ruins including: Macchu Picchu, Cusco, Ollantaytambo, Nasca, Lima, Festival of Arequipa

Experience it all being part of a warm Peruvian family!

Multi-Lingual Tour: English, Spanish, French and Russian speaking guides

Small group size, personalized approach and welcoming atmosphere!

​Yoga, Meditation, Sightseeing and Dance!
​August 9 - 23, 2014
November 2015

Dream Land of Beauty and Inspiration:
​Yoga, Meditation, Sightseeing and Self Discovery!

Ayurveda, Spices, Flavors, Colors, Diversity and Spirit!​

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Staying at a cultural, educational and spiritual center near Bangalore - ADVAITAM

Customized daily classes in:

Hatha, Kundalini and Tibetan Yoga Methods,
Various Meditation techniques, Philosophy, Sanskrit and more
• Accommodations
• Typical Local Meals
• Private Transportation and Private Local Guide
• Visits to Sacred sights, ashrams, ancient temples and festivals
• Consultations and lectures by a spiritual master
Swami Advaitananda

All of these experiences will offer you a unique glimpse at the rich tradition and culture of India.
Tour length: 1-2 weeks
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Peru, India, Mexico, Ecuador, Russia

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Exclusive Travel Experience.
Custom Designed Itineraries.
Knowledgeable Local Guides.
Discovering places unreachable
and unknown otherwise.

21 June was declared as the International Yoga Day by the United Nations General Assembly. The declaration came after the call by Indian Prime Minister. The proposal was supported by the record number of voices - 175 countries.
"Yoga can contribute to resilience against non-communicable diseases and can bring communities together in an inclusive manner that generates respect", - UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in a statement. "Yoga is a sport that can contribute to development and peace. Yoga can even help people in emergency situations to find relief from stress", - added he.
During 2 days (20-21 June 2015) on 6 parallel venues will be featured the master-classes organised by teachers of various schools of human development from India, USA, Europe and Russia.
The program will include:
- master-classes of physical and breathing exercises;
- concentration and meditation classes;
- lectures and conversations on various themes (about yoga, spiritual growth and human evolution, about Vedanta and philosophy, beauty and health);
- satsang and kirtans;
- practical health-improving part (variety of massage techniques, yoga, sound and aromatherapy);
- collective action of 108 rounds complex Surya Namaskar (also known as Sun Salutation);
- Opening and Closing ceremony of the Festival and cultural program.
 The Festival is supported by:
The Consulate General of India in Saint Petersburg,
Russian Union of Travel Industry, North-West Division Office.
Past Tours

June 20-21, 2015
Saint Petersburg,Russia www.
Retreat Program

Yoga, Philosophy, Pranayama and Meditation

1. Yoga philosophy
2. Yoga foundational texts – examination, explanation and application
3. Yoga Asana Introduction, Advanced and Modified Practice programs
4. Anatomy and Physical Alignment: Asanas and posture alignment
5. Pranayama – breathing techniques and their application
6. Meditation - from basics and onwards
7. Lifestyle according to Yoga – Balancing Body and Mind

Sanskrit – Language of Wisdom

1. Introduction to Vedic Sanskrit
2. Sanskrit cultural Influence from antiquity to modern times

Ayurveda – Ancient Science of Life

1. Introduction to Ayurveda
2. Philosophy of Ayurveda


  • Mountain hiking
  • Mountain lake visit
  • Stargazing
  • Bird watching and nature walks (exotic birds and trees)
  • Sustainable farming - visit local Flower farm, animal farm, Vineyard (*)
  • Traditional South Indian Cooking Workshop and Demonstration
  • Traditional Indian Music and Dance (*)
  • Acupuncture workshop and treatments (*)
  • Local Hindu Temples visits (*)
  • Local Puja Ceremony and Festivals visit (*)
(*) Subject to availability and additional fees, where applicable
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Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation,
Ayurveda and Sanskrit
Exclusive Retreat

2016 - 2017

Yoga, Ayurveda, Retreat,
Cultural and Research Center

Small group size - Exclusive Retreat Center
Advaitam - Yoga, Ayurveda, Retreat, Cultural and Research Center
is based in the Nandi Hills, Doddaballapur Mountain Range valley, outside of Bangalore.
Situated in the jungle and surrounded by picturesque farmland and hills.
Grandly spread on 10 acres of pristine nature, Advaitam is part of Eco-sensitive Bio Zone.
Home to an Institute of Oriental Studies and Research, Advaitam offers in-depth studies in Sanskrit and Vedic Philosophy.
     Advaitam Retreat Center Offers
  • Exclusive access to Retreat Center
  • Modern newly constructed cottages with full rest facilities
  • Indoor and Outdoor Lecture and Yoga Halls
  • Indoor and Outdoor Meditation Halls
  • Meditation pathways, hills and rest areas
  • 360-degrees Panoramic Views
  • Gourmet Kitchen and Dining area
  • Private Chef
  • Laundry facility
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Ayurvedic Plants and Herbs Garden
  • Banana plantation of 2,000 Banana Trees
  • Corn fields growing 700 corn plants
  • Neem Trees Garden
  • Fresh, organic, grass-fed cow milk
  • Mineral Well Water
Sample Schedule

6:30-7:30 Morning Meditation
7:30-9 Morning Lecture/ Practice
9-10 Breakfast
10-10:30 Free time
10:30-12 Lecture
12-1 Practice/ Lecture
1-2: 30 Lunch
2:30-4 Free time
4-5 Lecture
5-6 Practice
6-7 Meditation
7-8 Dinner
8-9 Free time/Activities

Founder of Advaitam – Swami Advaitananda - Lead Vedanta Scholar in Philosophy, Sanskrit Language and Literature.
Resident Advisor and Senior Teacher - Swami Sat Chit Ananda
Evasana Yoga & Meditation Founder, Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher - Evelina Lotte
Yogavignana Yoga Center Founder, Hatha Yoga Teacher - Vinnay Siddhaya

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Please note: Retreat program, schedule, staff and details are subject to change